Google Analytics Concepts, The Movie

Just in case anyone is interested, the video of my Google Analytics Concepts talk has been uploaded to the ASPgems vimeo channel.


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Google Analytics Concepts

I have just given a talk about Google Analytics Concepts. I have explained basic concepts that anyone interested in maximizing Google Analytics usage must know. I have talked about generic web analytics concepts like metrics, keywords, marketing campaings, segmentation, etc. I have also reviewed specific Google Analytics concepts, such as which cookies are used, how to install the tracking code, how to integrate Google Analytics with AdWords, etc.

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Just passed Google Analytics Individual Qualification certification

I recently passed the Google Analytics Individual Qualification test.

If you are interested in become a more knowledgeable Google Analytics user you should have a look at Conversion University, a set of online presentations that you can watch free of charge, or come to the talk I will be giving next week about Google Analytics concepts (in Spanish).

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Joining ASPgems

Last november I quit my job as a system administrator at Sun Microsystems and joined the incredible ASPgems team as a full time Ruby on Rails developer. I know I’m going to learn a lot and I’m sure I’ll have tons of fun.

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